The entire year is a commitment of two 16 week semesters of contracted classes (season is 32 weeks).

Tuition for each semester of contracted classes is NOT REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERABLE to any future classes.

Payments are made semi-annually in September and February.

Quarterly payments may be an option for families that qualify. In order to qualify for anything other than semester payments a credit card must be kept on file for automatic billing.

All balances over 30 days are subject to a late fee of 3.5% of balance the due and suspension.

If the student does not complete the 16 week contracted semester for each hour he/she is enrolled, Accent on Dance WILL NOT REFUND TUITION. The authorized person who signed the contract is responsible to pay the student’s entire tuition balance and any outstanding charges regardless of whether the student completes the semester. TECHNIQUE, ALA CARTE classes are contracted for the full 16 week semesters as well.


Accent on Dance does not offer pro-rated tuition reimbursement for any absences. In the event of an extreme injury or long term illness in which the dancer cannot complete the year, credit may be extended to other classes with a doctor’s note.

**All classes do require the purchase of costumes to be in the spring recital.


Non-refundable $30.00 registration fee per family

Preschool $165.00 per semester, $330.00/yr
D1/2 Beginner Basics  $225.00 per semester, $450.00/yr
1 hour per week $266.00 per semester, $532.00/yr
1-1/2 hours per week $378.00 per semester, $758.00/yr
2 hours per week $456.00 per semester, $912.00/yr
2 1/2 hours per week $533.00 per semester, $1066.00/yr
3 hours per week $597.00 per semester, $1194.00/yr
3-1/2 hours per week $636.00 per semester, $1272.00/yr

** Please contact the studio for additional pricing at 4 hours and above.

Individual Discounts:
 The tuition per hour reflects a large savings to the student as the number of their hours increase.

Private Lessons: See the front desk as each teacher may have a different rate.

Studio Rentals are available. Call for information.


For families with two or more dancers attending, a family discount of 5% will be applied to the lowest tuition charges of the remaining dancers.

32 week season

(two 16 week semesters)

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