Leaps, Tricks and Jumps

Tricks, Turns, Leaps, Jumps: (ages 13-18) Students will be participating in a 1 hour class focusing on a wide variety of tricks, turns, leaps and jumps. Students will work at their own pace in this class as the teacher sets the curriculum to fit each students specific needs, giving one-on-one corrections and training. This class is a great fit for developmental dancer that wants more hours of dance, the competitive dancers that wishes to focus on improving their technique or the individual looking to increase their dance technique for a Pom & Dance or Cheer team audition.


SATURDAY LTTJ Juniors: (ages 9-12)   11:30am to 12:30PM
SATURDAY LTTJ Teens: (ages 13-18)  1:30PM to 2:30PM