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All persons entering our building agree to an assumption of risk regarding Covid-19. Acceptance of our online waiver is required to register and participate in classes.


Before leaving your house to come to AOD:
-Take your child’s temperature. Anything higher than 100.4, we ask that you not come to the studio. Additionally, a child showing any other symptoms of illness should not attend class. Let’s just agree to keep our sick kids home. This is extremely important to our entire AOD family.

-Don’t forget your water bottle! If you need to refill it, AOD has a NO TOUCH refill station.

-Our lobby and waiting areas are closed for the foreseeable future. Parents, please help us transition all business to online or over the phone.

Masks requirement:

If your child is able to wear a mask, that is in line with the mandate and appreciated.  Dancers should feel free to take their mask off at anytime if they are having trouble breathing.  Also in line with the mandate, no questions will be asked if your child is not wearing a mask, as there are also many exceptions.   When the order expires, we will operate as we have been since the end of April with masks being a personal choice.

Entrances and exits:

ALL ARRIVING STUDENTS WILL ENTER THROUGH OUR FRONT DOORS at their start time for class. Dancers that are capable, can make their own way from their car/parking lot or be dropped off at the front door. As we welcome our younger dancers back, we suggest a parent escort them through the parking lot to our front door and assist them to the studio if needed. Please wait in cars or outside if you arrive early, as our lobby and waiting area are closed for the time being. Once again, All dancers will enter through our FRONT DOORS where they will be greeted by AOD staff. Dancers will make their way to their open studio with all of their belongings. The studio will be empty as previous class will have been dismissed in the past 5-10min. We are alleviating traffic in the hallways at all times. Dancers will space their belongings apart around the edges of the studio.

DISMISSAL/PICK UP: Each class will have an assigned EXIT DOOR. All dancers must have rides waiting after classes. There is no hanging out time for dancers after classes. Parents of younger dancers are asked to MEET and pick up their dancer from their assigned Exit Door. Please respect peoples space at all times during your staggered entrance and exits. Older dancers can make their way to parked cars. IN GENERAL: STUDIOS 1-3 EXIT our SIDE DOOR, STUDIOS 4-6 exit our BACK DOORS. There is parking available at both the side and back doors.

GENERAL: Prior to COVID-19, AOD had regularly sanitized frequently touched surfaces and bathrooms. We will continue to do this, as we believe it is so important to preventing the spread of germs overall. We also have always had a rotating schedule to clean and disinfect our floors, this will continue as well. (We use Pro Clean D plus a product of Stagestep). Our employees will be taking their temperatures and adhering to new polices. We will practice 2 arms length distance (6ft) as a general rule as much as possible. Dancers are familiar with this, as we typically remain 2 arms lengths apart to provide the space needed to dance. Class work for younger dancers will be modified to minimize touching and hand holding. Hand sanitizer and tissues will be in each of our AOD studios.

1.) Stay home when you are sick
2.) Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth!
3.) Cover your sneeze with a tissue, throw it in the trash and wash your hands.
4.) Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizers 5.)

Stay a clear 2 arm lengths away (6 ft) whenever possible to mitigate risk to/from others

We look forward to once again providing our dancers a place to dance in our beautiful and spacious studios with each other!


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